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September, 2023


How to deal with stonewalling in a relationship at work or home
Stonewalling makes conflict conversations more difficult and can damage vital relationships. So what can you do if you want to talk out a problem, but the other person is stonewalling? Start by understanding how the present circumstances may be driving the behavior.


A good rule of thumb when responding to difficult behavior
When responding to someone else’s difficult behavior during conflict, a good rule of thumb is, “Use the lowest level of intervention first.” Here’s why this convention is useful for managing difficult behavior and a concrete example to illustrate.


I found these interesting and/or helpful and thought you might, too:

​'Gaslighting' is a commonly misused therapy buzzword. Here's what it really means
"Some people weaponize psychological terms like gaslighting when others simply do something they don’t like, which is wrong." (Stonewalling and gaslighting are not the same, by the way.)

A neuroscientist reveals the untapped solution to create better working relationships​
"When you can listen to topics that make you feel anxious or uninterested, you can come to know a person more completely."

New research sheds light on the connection between mindfulness and reduced relationship conflict​
"There are many ways to adapt individual mindfulness strategies for a couple, so I would encourage all those in romantic relationships to consider finding ways to improve how mindful they are with their partner specifically. This is especially relevant for those who struggle with conflict in their romantic relationships."

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